Git Brief

安装配置 主要是客户端的用法 配置 After you install Git, configure it for first time use using git config, a built-in

Git Ignore

简介 在 Git 版本系统中,文件的状态一般有三种: tracked,文

CI - 持续集成系统

简介 Martin Fowler 和 Kent Beck 首次提出 Continuous Integration (简称:CI),将之描述为: 持续集

Shadowsocks 简介

客户端 Windows / Linux / Mac OS X Windows 客户端指南:https://gith

Typora - 好用的Markdown编辑器

概要 用简单的方式创作优美而简洁的文档是每个人的追求,所谓简单

Sublime Shortcut Keys

Editing Ctrl + X Cut line Ctrl + Enter Insert line after and do not interrupt current line Ctrl + Shift + Enter Insert line before and do not interrupe current line Ctrl + Shift + ↑ Move line/selection up Ctrl + Shift + ↓ Move line/selection down Ctrl + L Select line - Repeat to select next lines Ctrl + D Select word - Repeat select others occurrences(the same word) Ctrl + M Jump to closing parentheses - Repeat to jump to opening parentheses Ctrl + Shift + M Select all contents of the current parentheses - Repeat to select the parent parentheses Ctrl + Shift + K Delete Line Ctrl + KK Delete from cursor to end of line Ctrl + K + Backspace Delete from cursor to start of line Ctrl + ] Indent current line(s) Ctrl + [ Un-indent current line(s) Ctrl + Shift + D Duplicate line(s) Ctrl + J Join the line below to the end of the current line Ctrl + / Comment/un-comment current line Ctrl + Shift + / Block comment current selection Ctrl + Y Redo, or repeat last keyboard shortcut command Ctrl + Shift + V Paste and indent correctly Ctrl + Space Select next auto-complete suggestion Ctrl + U soft undo; jumps to your last change before undoing change when repeated Alt + Shift + W Wrap Selection in html tag Alt + .